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Wislanda Louimat: I wouldn't say it’s easy to participate in Bonello’s film...

The international audience discovered Wislanda Louimat last year after her debut as an actress in “Zombi Child” (2019) by Bertrand Bonello. Mélissa, the character acted by young actress is one of the two leading heroines of this unusual French fantasy-horror where the French school routine mixes with Haitian traditions and beliefs. The film premiere had place during 2019 Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Directors' Fortnight) and was released around the world, for example, the US premiere was on 24 January 2020 and in Russia the audience had a chance to see “Zombi Child” in cinemas in August – September 2019 thanks to A-One Films. Here you can read the exclusive interview of Wislanda Louimat for La Notte Magazine, where she tells us about the film, Bertrand Bonello, COVID-19 and herself.

Hello, Wislanda! How are you now? The COVID-19 situation is difficult for all the world and how do you spend this time? Hello, I am not too bored during this famous COVID-19 it is true that the situation is difficult but I take care by reading and reproducing theatrical scenes, or by training myself to draw fashion sketches. Tell please a little about you. Are you planning to continue your cinema career as an actress? What other interests do you have? My goal is to achieve my dreams to be an example for many other young people who have complexes compared to their physique, cinema has always been part of my wish but one of my greatest wishes is to become a stylist to whom the work is a pleasure. You are a future stylist. Who are your fashion idols? I really enjoyed the work of Karl Lagerfeld I was extremely disappointed to learn of his death because he inspired me a lot.

Last year this time was the beginning of Cannes Film Festival, where you with Bertrand Bonello, Louise Labeque and others presented “Zombi Child”. What are you impressions of the Festival? What did you feel a year ago and what do you feel now? I was very happy that the film took place at the directors' fortnight, arrived in Cannes and I thought, "Wow, it’s really you, you’re here and you did it." I was so happy and I thank Bertrand Bonello very much for having believed in me. Now I don’t know if one day I could appear on film screens, I love the world of glitter. Bertrand Bonello is one of the most famous French film directors. How can you describe the work with him? It was great working with Bertrand Bonello, he is a great director. And about the casting... Is it easy to take a part in Bonello's film? I wouldn't say it’s easy to participate in Bonello’s film, people have to deserve their part. The Haitian traditions and beliefs are very little known in Europe. What do you think about the importance of highlighting this part of Haitian culture in the film? There are many things to discover in Haiti, the negative side too... and I think it's good to talk about all this through the films.

And a little blitz. Your favourite сolour: red, black The best film (or films): Titanic The favourite music: Rise up by Andra Day The most interesting book: Your Ticket is No Longer Valid (Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n'est plus valable) by Romain Gary The idol actress: Camila Mendes Your favourite director: Ryan Coogler The things you cannot live without: I can’t do without air Your favourite city: L.A The best food: I love everything that’s good The most important threat in a person: I don’t really know, I’d say be happy

Text, Interview and Sketch: Julia Sumzina, @js_artsreview

Photos: Wislanda Louimat, @wislanda.lnt

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