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Guillaume Depardieu: 7 films demonstrating an outstanding talent

Today Guillaume Depardieu, one of the brightest French actors of 90s-00s, would be 50. He lived only 37 years but many films he participated in became iconic ones for the European cinema lovers. Guillaume’s varied and sincere manner of acting looks natural in different genres from comedy to the deep drama or the psychological thriller.

On the 7th April I would like to tell you about 7 films from Guillaume’s filmography I can call #mustsee for everyone interested in this outstanding talent.

01. Tous les matins du monde (1991)

It is a historical film directed byAlain Corneau and based on the book of the same name by Pascal Quignard. It’s dedicated to the life of the musician Marin Marais (Gerard Depardieu, Guillaume Depardieu) who lived during the era of Louis XIV, and the story of Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe (Jean-Pierre Marielle) , a celebrated master of the viola da gamba. The film, which features the music of that period, was highly acclaimed by critics and nominated to the awards including César, 42nd Berlin International Film Festival and the Golden Globe.

02. Les apprentis (1995)

This comedy by Pierre Salvadori shows two friends Antoine (François Cluzet) and Fred (Guillaume Depardieu) and their daily life with shabby jobs, calamitous burglaries, epic erotic experiences and romantic disillusionments, and their painful apprenticeship, which they get from all their adventures.

03. Marthe (1997)

The beautiful story where an injured soldier (Guillaume Depardieu) falls in love with a schoolteacher (Clotilde Courau) he met at a hospital in Brittany could be trivial, but the unusual for such stories light and romantic atmosphere, image and very sincere acting makes the film by Jean-Loup Hubert worth to watch for all the French cinema lovers.

04. ...Comme elle respire (1998)

It is a charming comedy made by Pierre Salvadori with iconic duo of 1990s Marie Trintignant and Guillaume Depardieu as main characters. Is mythomania an obstacle to love? Absolutely not, and this film with very French spirit proves that.

05. Pola X (1999)

The film by Leos Carax is loosely based on the Herman Melville novel Pierre: or, The Ambiguities. It revolves around a young novelist Pierre (Guillaume Depardieu) who is confronted by a young woman Isabelle (Yekaterina Golubeva) who claims to be his lost sister. The relationships between them are volcanic and deeply unhealthy but the story feels really touching and thought-making by its humanity.

06. Aime ton père (2002)

The powerful story about a famous father and his son made by Jacob Berger looks even more provokative with Gerard and Guillaume Depardieu, whose relationships were at least complicated. This film is not about good people or bad ones, it´s about people´s life and traumatic experience that many of us has from the very childhood.

07. Le pharmacien de garde (2003)

The thriller by Jean Veber tells the controversial story of a policeman (Guillaume Depardieu) who leads the investigation into a series of bizarre murders perpetrated by an ecologist and eccentric pharmacist (Vincent Perez). The two men end up meeting and immediately sympathize, without knowing their true identity.

And insead of all the words today there is the song by Guillaume Depardieu from the Post Mortem album released by Julie Depardieu in 2013:

Text and artwork: Julia Sumzina

Photos and videos: UniFrance, Ina Styles, Les Films Pelléas,,

imineo Bandes Annonces, IMDB

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