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Arthur Avellano: Origin and innovations (18+)

Thanks to Arthur Avellano personally and for the information.

Arthur Avellano is a French fashion designer very attractive to the European audience thanks to his individuality, attitude to fashion as to a form of art, to the best medium. Especially he is famous by the innovations in materials he uses.

Graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, Arthur developed his technique at Atelier Chardon Savard (a prestigious fashion design and styling school founded by Cyrille Chardon and Dominique Savard in 1988). With his graduation collection, he won the Who’s next: Best graduate collection prize (2015). In June 2017 he presented his first collection parallel to the SS 2018 Men’s Fashion Week.

Now Arthur Avellano is a participant of Paris Fashion Weeks. His collections are based on using of hybrid latex, the material usually fetishized and sexualized, associated with femininity. Arthur turns his latex into a new style based on the androgynous, unisex concept.

The material we're talking about is the result of collaboration with laboratories, special researches and creating a plant based hybrid latex. It has some properties of use close to leather but retains the texture, fall and the unique reflection of latex.

Combining latex with cotton, Arthur Avellano creates bright, sensual, actual and forward-looking clothes which gain more and more attention in the world of fashion.


This year we have an opportunity to see Paris Fashion Week Online ( ) and on 12th July Arthur Avellano presented his new SS2021 collection ORIGIN.

The smooth atmosphere of hot summer night in a garden, where the people can feel and touch each other looks the biggest desire of 2020, the year of social distancing and quarantine. All this with typical for Arthur relaxed fit, natural colors and the latex on the naked body make the ORIGIN one of the most sensual examples of fashion art this season.

Photos SS 2021: Alexandre Faraci

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