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Unity in Diversity: a photo-project by Julia Sumzina

Unity in Diversity

This project is dedicated to the most important part of humans’ life - friendship, equality and unity. In my opinion the respectful attitude and communication, love and acceptance of each other make people free and happy.

Our team is international: Davide Loricchio is Italian, Reina Tanaka is Japanese, Alexandra Trofimchuk is Ukrainian, Guilherme Vicente is Portuguese and Aina Busquets is Spanish. All of them are dancers of Mikhailovsky theatre.

We connected the ideas of humanity with the peiods of the history of Art, where we can see the different view of an image of a human being from idealistic Classical Antiquity and Renaissance to Pre-Raphaelits with their trying to return to the Medieval culture and remarkable shapes and lines of Art Nouveau and Art Deco (the allusions to this style are dominative in our project).

I hope this project will make you pay your attention to youth, humanity, equality and diversity.

More photos are here.

Grateful to all the participants,

Photographer and author of the idea: Julia Sumzina

Photo assistant and make up artist: Irina Sumzina

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