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Théo Malet: Qui sait, si ce sera toujours le cas?

Théo is a painter, animation artist, actor, model. He lives in Paris, loves Jean Cocteau and Barbara, plays accordéon and admires classic ballet. He seems as an ideal character for a french film, doesn't he?

I can say Théo is not a character, he is a real person, very good and trusted friend and inspiring artist. Today you can get acquainted with his talent through the works dedicated to dance and choreography.

"Très jeune j'avais déjà cette notion de curiosité qui me faisait souvent défaut, dû à un manque de concentration. Mais avec le temps cette faculté m'a permis de m'ouvrir et réussir certaines choses dans ma vie. Qui sait, si ce sera toujours le cas haha? Quitte à choisir autant prendre le côté positif."

~ Théo Malet (@theo.malley )

Dedication to León Bakst

Tribute to two wonderful russian dancers for the premiere of Nutcracker in the famous Mikhailovsky theatre. Illustration inspired by the beautiful picture of @markolich with Valeria Zapasnikova and Julian MacKay. 2018

The dedication to Cie La Marche Bleue

And the artist...

Text: Julia Sumzina (@js_artsreview), Théo Malet (@theo.malley )

Illustrations: Théo Malet (@theo.malley )

Photos: The personal archive of Théo Malet

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