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Prix de Lausanne: Sangwon Park is going forward to her dreams

The Prix de Lausanne 2023 celebrated the 50th Jubilee of the competition. The amazing young participants from around the world demonstrated their talent and skill in classical and contemporary parts of the programme. The first three prizes were given to Millán de Benito (Spain), Fabrizzio Ulloa Cornejo (Mexico), both the first prize, and the third prize went to Sangwon Park (South Korea).

We've talked with this charming young ballerina who astonished the audience by the highest level of performance.

Congratulations with your Prix de Lausanne performance and the prize! How do you feel now?

It’s an unexpected result for me, so I’m the happiest and I can’t believe it. Above all, I am grateful and honored to have a great experience which I couldn't buy even with money. Prix de lausanne is a really great opportunity for dancers. That’s because not only works, but also bars, centers, contemporary, etc. are shown and evaluated for six days.

Tell us about your ballet path and studying…

As a major I started ballet at the age of 13. Because I started late at first, I tried harder to keep up with other friends. There were times when I didn’t feel like I was dancing with the skill and concentrating on perfection. However, it seems that some opportunities to perform on stage and many good teachers in Sunwha Arts High School made me what I am.

What do you prefer, classical or contemporary repertoire?

I think both kinds of dances are attractive. I can’t tell what I prefer. Actually I like all kinds of the dances.

And which ballets are your favorite?

My favorite ballet is Romeo and Juliet. It’s romantic and beautiful.

Who’s your inspiration in ballet?

Every dancer inspires me, but I especially like Marianela Núñez. I want to learn her elaborate and delicate dance.

Do you have dream roles?

I want to try Tatiana in Onegin. It’s a work that needs to lead the whole act with emotional acting, so I really want to try it someday.

So we congratulate you again and wish all your dreams come true, even the future ones! Thank you!

Interview: Julia Sumzina

Photos and videos: Prix de Lausanne, personal archive of the dancer

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