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Opening Gala of Opéra de Paris, season 23/24

It was the opening Gala of the Opéra de Paris at the Palais Garnier, this artistic sanctuary unfolded its gilded doors, unveiling the world of splendour to celebrate all its magnificent arts.

The auditorium welcomed its 2054 spectators into an intoxicating atmosphere, and the twinkling lights of the chandeliers cast a gyrated glow on faces whose eyes reflected the gleam of anticipation under the vault bedecked with Chagall’s painting.

The orchestra struck the first note to initiate the grandeur with the “Marche of the Trojans” from Act I of The Trojans by Berlioz, marking the beginning of the Marche of Ballet of Opéra de Paris, a phenomenal ritual that transcended time.

The regular sound of brass and woodwinds announced the arrival of the dancers, adorned in costumes, tutus, and tiaras created by the Maison of Chanel, from the foyer located at the back of the stage to the proscenium to salute the audience. The Étoiles were presented one by one; the recently nominated, Hannah O’Neill, as well as Marc Moreau and Guillaume Diop, honoured their first Marche as Étoile; while at the same time, this evening, audiences also celebrated the adieux of a former Étoile, Émilie Cozette.

©Julien Benhamou

©Julien Benhamou

©Julien Benhamou

Without a doubt, the choreography of Crystal Pite always finds a collision between the vastness of Nature and Beauty; however, the highlight of this evening after the intermission was The Last Call, choreographed by Marion Motin. It was a choreography that transcended the space-time between life and death.

The dance held off the movement of air in the auditorium; not a breath was allowed as it would disrupt the brutality happening on stage. Violence and beauty crashed into one another in the choreography of Marion Motin, creating impeccable artistry under the illusion of seductive lightening.

As the evening drew to an end, with the fading of the last notes and the falling of the curtains, this night will be etched in the memories for the grace of the artistic power. The opening Gala was much more than a mere spectacle; it was a flamboyant celebration of Art and a sublime manifestation of human creativity.

Photo of the Gala: Nereid

(Full text and article available in 2 other languages on Nereid, elle rêve.)

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