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May Nagahisa and Philipp Stepin: Shine and confidence on the Mariinsky stage

May Nagahisa and Philipp Stepin is one of the brightest duets in Mariinsky. They dance together in Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, Nutcracker, Balanchine’s Diamonds, In the Night by Jerome Robbins and surely La Sylphide. This ballet gives them a chance to show the amazing technique and elegant partnership.

High light jump, clear feet and courage of Philip's movement combined with accurate, gentle and looking weightless May flying above the stage, delighted the audience on 24 November. After the magnificent performance in honor of great ballerina Svetlana Efremova, the fragile gracious Sylphide and strong stately James told us about working together.

We talked with May and Philipp in English and Russian and translated the answers.

Author: Julia Sumzina

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