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La Notte Italian Season: Teatro alla Scala in World Theatre Day

“La Scala is the most beautiful theatre in the world, the one that gives the greatest musical enjoyment. It is impossible to imagine anything bigger, more solemn and new... ”

Stendhal, 1816.

Today is the World Theatre Day and we would like to show you the beautiful atmosphere of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, one of the most famous and celebrated theatre in the world. Since opening in 1778, dozens of now-iconic operas premiered there, including Norma by Vincenzo Bellini (1831), Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi (1842), Madama Butterfly (1904) and Turandot (1926) by Giacomo Puccini etc. Its ballet company is associated by the names of Carla Fracci, Liliana Cosi, Luciana Savignano, Paolo Bortoluzzi, guest appearances were made by Margot Fonteyn and Yvette Chauviré, as well as Rudolf Nureyev, then the iconic figures like Alessandra Ferri, Massimo Murru, Roberto Bolle, Svetlana Zakharova have made the name Ballet Company of Teatro alla Scala world famous.

The small gallery by Alena Belyaeva shows the theatre through the eyes of a person deeply loving Milan and its art:

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