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CHARLES DE VILMORIN. The new face in French fashion industry.

It is always very exciting to discover the new names in fashion industry, especially when there are young and multi-talented people. Charles de Vilmorin is a fashion designer, photographer, stylist, fashion model and a real artist. We seldom meet such kind of person who can seem too extravagant, but has such a taste as Charles has.

Many people following Charles in Instagram are inspired by his unusual manner of painting or stylish photos. The announcement of starting the fashion brand CHARLES DE VILMORIN attracted even more audience to waiting for the unique colorful and daring clothes by young designer.

“Founding my own brand has always been my primary goal, it is very close to my heart. I want to bring something different and express myself freely through it”. ~ Charles de Vilmorin

So let´s look at the expression of the personality of this very individual presenter of French artistic society in modern 20s.

Text: Julia Sumzina, @js_artsreview

Photos: Charles de Vilmorin, @charlesdevilmorin

Make-up: Anaëlle Postollec, @anaellepostollec

Models: Mathilde Gautier (@mathildegautier_), The Arseniek (@arseniek), Nicolas Dax (@nicolas_dax) and others.

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