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In the end of June Arthur Avellano presented SS2022 collection. He is a French fashion designer famous for his creative collections full of the sense of freedom and using of hybrid latex. We remind you we highlighted his SS2021 Origin and innovations collection last year. This summer his work was inspired by 90s electric grunge aesthetics and had the typical for Avellano unisex silhouettes which are are resembling Blade (1998) and The Matrix (1999) style.

We can see the short film produced by Incendie Films and directed by Jean-Charles Charavin, where image, colours and atmosphere affects hypnotic and nostalgic.

Long latex coats and wide trousers, even spectacular red and black latex dresses with long sleeves, every garment has the vintage futuristic air of the criminal romantic period of leather coats and action films of 80-90s. Always classical but provocative at the same time black and red colours are dominative here.

Eco-friendly, soft and eye-catching material and daring design attract lovers of extravagant clothing combined with the comfort of wearing. The sensuality isn’t fetishized here and the freedom has it’s own elegance. So, Arthur Avellano by his original idea and feeling of style makes the latex art actual and fresh during the Paris Fashion Week.

Photos: Diane Sagnier

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